Cancellation, Returns & Exchange

  1. An order placed and confirmed cannot be cancelled or exchanged.
  2. You are entitled to a 100% replacement of order in case your order instructions have not been followed with, or you have received a defective product. . If Your order includes multiple items, partial replacement of the required items is also possible. If purchase of the Product is made under a special promotional offer or any special scheme, special rules may not apply for replacement.
  3. Replacement process must be initiated within 7 days from the time of receipt of order by the User. The Product must be in an unused state before seeking a for a replacement and should be accompanied by a copy of the original receipt or invoice issued at the time of sale of the Product.
  4. Any request for replacement will be accepted only after inspection of the Product. Once the replacement request is placed with the customer service, the logistics partner will arrange for a pickup of the Product from the address provided at the time of placing the order. Once the Product is received, it takes about 15 working days for inspection team to confirm on the replacement. On confirmation of the genuine need for replacement of the Product, we shall replace the desired Product with the User.
  5. At every step of the replacement process, we shall keep you updated through emails and/or SMS. However, if you have any queries before, during or after the replacement is completed, feel free to contact Us at:
  6. There shall be no refund of money tendered for products/services on the SCEPTRE Platform however, in case of any defect in the product, the same shall be replaced after due inspection from SCEPTRE.