Why everyone should use wet wipes?

Why everyone should use wet wipes?

If you think wet wipes are solely meant for cleaning babies after changing diapers, you are mistaken, from helping you remove makeup to sanitizing surfaces, wet wipes can do all that and much more. Although they resemble cotton, wet wipes contain anything but cotton.

They are generally made from no-woven materials – usually fibrous man-made poly (ethylene) or poly (propylene) for extra strength.

Most wet wipes contain plastic, but there are biodegradable options too, good example of it is Sceptre organics wipes. It is important to read the label before making a purchase. Also, once used on a surface, avoid using the same wet wipes again on another surface as it could spread bacteria.

You can use wet wipes to clean kitchen counters or to wipe down the inside of your car. It may be a real surprise at how versatile these disposable wet wipes are.


Here are some ways you can use wet wipes that have nothing to do with soiled diapers.


  • Wipes for personal care

It’s not just the kitchen and bathroom that can benefit from wet wipes. Here’s a list of ways you can use Disposable wipes for travel for general cleaning all over the house.

  • Dusting furniture –   wet wipes are a great way to capture dust on tables, and bookshelves, as the dust sticks to the wet surface and won’t get everywhere.
  • Removing stains  – rub a wet wipe on a stain to help remove it. This works on clothes, sheets, carpets, and sofas.
  • Clean your screens  – from smart phones and tablets to your laptop and TV will all benefit from a gentle wipe down . It is a great way of cleaning up if you like to snack and channel surf at the same time.
  • Wipe down shoes –   use wet wipes to wipe off dirt and grime so dirty shoes and boots, avoid tracking with mud back to your home.


  • Use wipes for your car

Keep a packet of wet wipes in your glove box compartment so you always have some hand for dusting or any unexpected mess.


  • Dust the interior –   wipe down the car steering wheel, cup holders and dashboard, doors, and windows.
  • Clean off bird dropping  – it is a regular instance and can happen to anyone if the car is under a tree or right beside a bush.
  • Wipe hands after fuel up –   post-fuel up the hand might get greasy, which might make the door handle as well as the steering greasy as well.


  • Wipes for kitchen

Wipes are very beneficial if used in the kitchen as there are a lot of stains that dry cloth is inefficient to work on!

  • Cleaning appliances –   wet wipes are perfect for wiping down the refrigerator, microwave, oven, stove, and dishwasher. They are also good for small kitchen gadgets like air fryers, slow cookers, food processors, and coffee machines.
  • Moping floor –    attach it to a mop handle and shine up the kitchen slab.
  • Clean surfaces  ­- wipe off counters and other surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom in between deep cleaning so your home always looks spotless.


  • Wet wipes for Gym


  • Wipe down gym equipment before and after the use, including treadmill, spin bikes as well as weightlifting equipment.
  • Wipe down your yoga mat, especially if it’s a shared one from the gym.
  • Clean the sweat off your face and body with disposable baby wipes.


Wet wipes are awesome Anytime, Anywhere


When selecting wet wipes for non-baby cleaning, wiping, dusting, and stain removal needs, be sure to pick a plant-based natural wipe like disposable refreshing wipes. A friendly reminder that baby wipes should never be flushed down the toilet and should be thrown away after a single use for hygienic and sanitary reasons.

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