Tips to protect baby from infection

Tips to protect baby from infection

Newborns are generally the first to pick up infection with a virus or germs as their immune system is in the initial stage of development. It is a distressing experience for new guardians when their little one becomes unwell. Specifically, during the colder months of the year, there is an increased risk of infection, cold, and fever.

As, babies have weaker immunity until they are at least a year old, till that time they are extremely prone to frequent spell runny noses and chest congestion, runny nose does require baby refreshing wipes for a thorough clean up and helps in maintaining hygiene.

If a family member is down with any Flu or infection, it might spread to a baby even before any symptoms are spotted. In such cases, don’t come near the baby while bathing or putting him/her to sleep as it might transmit the infection.

Crucial tips for the protection of baby from disease are:

  • Sterilize and sanitize the baby’s clothes, toys, his/her crockery.

Straight from the cradle of your baby, everything that comes in contact with the toddler must be disinfected. Germs are usually transmitted via contaminated surfaces. Wash baby’s cloth regularly and mop with a natural antiseptic cleaner. Vinegar diluted water is a natural cleaner for surfaces.

  • Breastfeeding your baby

It is very essential that the mother breastfeeds her baby for at least the first six months and this should be the only source of nutrition for the infant as it is the best thing to improve the baby’s immunity even when the mother is sick. Breast milk doesn’t spread infection, instead, it is packed with antibodies that provide your baby with much-needed nutrition to fight against illness.

  • Avoid missing vaccination

It Is recommended not to deviate from the vaccine schedule of your baby, It’s recommended that you follow it religiously. Vaccines are usually made up of weakened disease organisms that fight infections by producing antibodies, also it is essential to maintain a record sheet of the vaccines to keep track.

  • Use baby wet wipes to clean the baby

In the situation of cold or viral fever, using a cloth towel or a random cloth might surge the spread of infection from you to the baby. So, it is recommended to use baby skincare wipes every time. Such precautionary measures can help protect the baby from some common infections.

  • Limit going out

It’s alright, to say no to outings during the first few months when the baby is born, if it’s necessary to take the toddler out, avoid overcrowded places. Our surroundings are abundant in germs and our little ones are the most prone to diseases. So, a minimum frequency to head out shall prevent the transmission of germs.


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