Tips and tricks while traveling with a newborn

Tips and tricks while traveling with a newborn

A fussy baby might be more difficult to handle while traveling. But being prepared will make it a lot less harrowing.

The heavy suitcase and bags full of essentials can make it difficult to look after your baby. Any couple might encounter all sorts of difficulties in the various forms of transport.

Each baby is very different, some might settle easily, while others may be more perturbed by the change in routine.

Ensuring you have everything you need before you go and allowing extra time to get where you’re going may help with keeping stress levels down and lessen your chance of being caught out.

Maintaining hygiene while traveling is important, do consider Sensitive baby skin refreshing wipes for your child’s safety.

Here’s a list of a few travel essential tips-

  • Important essentials to carry

Make sure you have enough supplies of clean cloths, wipes, and nappies in your hand luggage. It is advised to always pack more than you think you’ll need and it’s also worth including a fresh pair of cloths for yourself in case of an accident. A plastic bag to carry used clothes .

Carry some Ziplock bags too, just in case you are unable to dispose of a soiled diaper immediately.

  • Preparing baby

It is advised to adjust your toddler’s sleeping and eating routine so that, jetlag or any such tiredness could be avoided, for you may need to change the baby’s routine. This should be done at least 2 days before your departure.

  • Feeding the baby

Breastfeeding a baby is the easiest way of feeding when traveling. If you’re formula feeding, make sure you have enough supplies with you before you go, ready-made bottles you can buy off the shelf can come in handy when you’re on the move.

It is advised to bring an insulated flask of boiled water, individual portions of formula powder, and sterilized bottles which must be cleaned by baby refreshing wipes.

  • Plan sleeping arrangement

Request a cot for your hotel room. However, it is advised to take your own, you can check for travel cots in the mode of transport you’re traveling in. A light stroller can be considered as well.

Apart from a stroller, an umbrella, and a baby pack with all the essentials, a smaller baby pack with vital documents is recommended.

  • Hand-free sling is recommended

Try to use a sling or baby carrier rather than a pushchair, if you’re traveling by train or bus. It can make accessibility a lot more awkward. Using a sling will keep your hands free to find important things.

A baby carrier or sling is good for walking your baby up and down the aisle to settle them,

  • Plan your trip when the weather Is the best

The road trip should be planned with eh baby when the weather is likely to be pleasant and the drive would be smooth and safe.

Traveling in the hot, sweltering heat can be uncomfortable even with air conditioning, and driving in the rain or snowy conditions can be dangerous. If, driving during the rain, then make sure you pick a route with fewer puddles and more resting stops. It is advised to keep baby wipes for hygienic purposes. Traveling in summer surely calls for a lot of fluids for your baby .




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