How cleansing wipes are beneficial for sensitive skin?

How cleansing wipes are beneficial for sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin, oily or dry sensitive skin refreshing wipes are the ultimate liberator or dirt and grime particles bestowing you a refreshed, cleansed and smooth complexion. Hitting the stack with full-on makeup is always a big NO but sometimes a wrapped-up busy schedule can make you feel totally worn out that you might not even be up for the complete CTM(Cleansing, toning, moisturizing).On those exhausting days a simple moisturizing tissue can literally be your “knight in the shining armour”.

Moreover sometimes even while on the go, you might have felt the need to take a break and wash the face but unavailability of water prevented you from doing so. Although a hydrated tissue might not provide the dramatic effect of splashing face with water, the gratification provided by a facial wipe in unmatched.

What facial wipes exactly are?

The wipes are light, versatile and extremely easy to carry around in small pouches .Facial wipes are a unique beauty and purpose driven innovation wherein you can get the same freshness and cleanliness more or less similar to face wash. Not only do these wipes allow you to remove makeup and oil from your skin without using water or cleanser but also provide cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing abilities and fits perfectly in a daily skin care regime. And with hundreds or beauty brands now in the market, you can easily get one of these in various scents and sizes depending on what you’re looking for and your skin type as well.

How beneficial are the face wipes?

Be it small Towelette or a tissue, the way it is designed offers an array of skin benefits such as cleansing, moisturizing, brightens and smoothens etc. Detailed benefits are as follows-

  • Tanning

Apart from cleaning the skin, these wipes are well integrated with UV-protecting agents and come with SPF ranging between 20-30, that when wiped, while being outdoors shields the skin and reverses the tanning process very well.

  • Cleansing

This is the basic one made in a way to remove dust and grime particles from the skin and giving it an instant cleaning effect in a single use.

  • Exfoliate

The facial wipes contain exfoliating substance which when wiped on the face provides complete exfoliation while nourishing the skin beneath.

  • Moisturizing

Apart from cleansing, these wipes contain soaked in non-sticky lotion which gives a moisturized and nourished feel when wiped.

  • Brightening

The facial wipes are imbued with Vitamin C solutions which when used to remove makeup or just cleanse the face offer a radiant, brightening effect.

  • Acne-prone

The wet wipes/tissues just like any other skin care product contain medicated solutions which not only remove dust but also prevents the excess secretion of oil thereby preventing acne and blocked pores.

  • Cooling

The wipes provide an instant cooling effect on the skin. Wet wipes are a blessing in the sweltering summers.

  • Travel friendly

Many people have bathrooms loaded with beauty products. But when it comes to travel, it usually isn’t possible to take them all along. A lot of beauty products are liquid majority of which are not allowed in airplane. That’s when products such as facial cleansing wipes come in handy. Even the pre-moistened ones are not considered a liquid product.

  • Hygiene

Many people consider hygiene to be another benefit. Unlike with a pot of cream or foaming wash that requires the use of your fingers, cleansing wipes allow the user to clean his face without worry of contaminating a container with germs by repeatedly touching it.

  • Baby wipes multiple Uses

Some women have decided that baby wipes aren’t just for baby’s bottom, they can also be useful as a facial cleanser. Often, these moist are hypoallergenic and fragrance free, which is great for people with sensitive skin. Also, baby wipes are less expensive than wipes made specifically for the face. However, not all baby wipes are without fragrance, which means you might end up smelling like a baby lotion.

With all the advantages and the wide range of types available, many people have turned to cleansing wipes to help them face the world with clean, oil-free skin.




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