Do you know Do’s and Don’ts of cleansing wipes?

Do you know Do’s and Don’ts of cleansing wipes?

Over the past year, we’ve seen the ubiquitous use of disinfecting wipes. Face wipes are essential. These days, you cannot think of stepping out anywhere without carrying a pack in your bag. While they are mostly used on the face, there are many things you ought to know so you can use them effectively.

There is a simple solution to challenges to public health during the global pandemic. Here we’ll try to share some rules for using disinfecting wipes in your facility that will help ensure that your surroundings are clean and safe.

What are cleansing wipes?

They are usually single-use wet wipes that can be used to disinfect surfaces quickly. They claim to disinfect skin as they contain a certain amount of active natural ingredients. Wet wipes generally have a high rate of efficiency in killing viruses and bacteria. Not just the face, the wipes can act as a replacement for perfumes and deodorants, too.

Usually, in summers, people tend to sweat quite often, especially outdoors. In such a situation, if you’re not carrying perfume, you can always use baby refreshing wipes quickly use on the armpits and the neck area, to remove sweat and feel fresh.

Follow these rules to ensure your health and safety

Do clean first followed by disinfection

Remove all dirt from the skin before using your sensitive baby skin refreshing wipes. It will be effective but soil and other contaminants can hamper the clean-up of the surface.

Using general-purpose wipes will solve the issue. This is why we recommend cleaning the skin first and then disinfecting with the help of extra clean baby wipes.

Don’t reuse a wipe.

After wiping the skin with wipes, it is recommended to turn it over and use the other side to get more out of one wipe. However, when both sides are used, it will be time to dispose of the wipes.

Do not save the used wipes and use them, as it will cancel out the whole purpose and increase the chance of cross-contamination. It is highly advised to dispose of your used wipes in a trash container with a lid.

Don’t allow children for direct usage.

 Children should never be asked to use a disinfectant wipe , some schools are now asking to use disinfecting wipes in their personal spaces before and after meal time. The body of a child is still developing, and they may be more susceptible to the health effects of the aggressive ingredients in the disinfectants.

Also, teachers are often using disinfecting wipes in the schools, all adults should be provided the proper PPE and training needed to use disinfecting wipes safely.

Don’t use it post expiry date

 You might not think that antibacterial wipes would have an expiration date. Baby wipes are useable past their expiration or best by date as long as there is no presence of mold, mildew, or bacteria on them.

If there are any signs of contamination, throw the pack out and switch it out for a new one, as it would be a risky move to take chance and use an expiry date product on your baby’s skin, which is not at all recommended.


Baby’s skin is more sensitive and thinner than adult’s skin. This is why they need extra care at the time of birth. Choosing the safe and best baby skincare products that suit your baby’s delicate skin becomes essential. With this understanding, the correct usage of baby products is also important.



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