5 things you haven’t tried that will help baby sleep

5 things you haven’t tried that will help baby sleep

Parents usually wait all day for that blissful break from diapers, dishes, and other demands. In most cases, the baby’s bedtime can’t come early. It happens a lot, that a baby’s bedtime can’t come soon enough.

While we can’t force a child to fall asleep at your command, some things soften the bedtime. Baby responds to consistency and structure. The less you disrupt their schedule the more likely they’ll fall asleep.

We do have a few tips that you may not have tried.

  • Things to avoid


  • Keeping the baby awake all day to sleep longer at night –typically doesn’t work, being overtired can make your baby and everyone within earshot miserable, also baby’s stress from being overtired can make it harder to relax to rest later for the guardian.


  • Holding the baby as you fall asleep– too frequently tired guardians fall asleep holding their baby and wake up hours later to find the baby in a dangerous position, in such a situation it is advised to put the baby back in the crib. Falling asleep in the crib will be much more comfortable for the baby, keep sensitive baby skin refreshing wipes handy to be on the safe side.


  • Heavy intake during bedtime – it is widely believed that cereal could keep a baby’s belly fuller, preventing them from waking up for a nighttime feeding, however, studies have shown that cereal intake before bedtime makes the baby more restless due to gas pain.

Engaging with a consistent schedule and adopting a calming technique should be all you need to ensure a sufficient sleepyhead.

  • Things to consider


  • Stick to an early bedtime– as timing is just as important to a routine. Just past the first month, the baby starts to develop “Melatonin” which is a drowsy-making hormone the body releases when it’s time to sleep, which means they’re ready for an early bedtime consistent with the sun setting. Keeping them up late at night makes them overstimulated and harder to put down to relax.


  • Try to maintain a relaxed temperature -The ideal temperature is between 20 to 22 to sleep and keep the baby away from the direct fan or air conditioning, as the temperature in these spots can vary widely. Always have a little clothing even in summers as they will protect you from the ups and downs of temperature.


  • Try giving a nap -Baby gets easily exhausted and they need to have a break to regain energy. So, if a toddler sleeps in the daytime, a baby will still have an easy time sleeping at night as well, also use alcohol free wipes for baby to further calm the baby down.


  • Swaddle -It is repetitive, yet effective. A wrapped-up baby is generally calmer and more sleep ready. Sleep slacks are always effective in making the baby calm and more ready for sleep.


  • Keeping it in perspective – Remember, getting your baby to sleep through the night isn’t a measure of your parenting skills. Take time to understand your baby’s habits and ways of communicating so that you can help him or she become a better sleeper.


Babies are hard-wired to keep mum close by through the night. Try to keep calm yourself as it will have a positive effect on the baby. Shop for disposable refreshing wipes to give a fresh feeling to be calmer.


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