10 Facts you should know about baby wipes before using!

10 Facts you should know about baby wipes before using!

Baby wipes are a very useful and popular product because they are versatile and easily available. There are a  variety of baby wipes such as scented wipes, Biodegradable wipes etc. It was invented by Arthur Julius back in 1958, It was initially called moist towelette.

Here are some facts about baby wipes-


1.Baby wipes can have additional ingredients   

To give  Add-on baby skincare wipes benefits some ingredients are added such as moisturizer as the baby skin is utterly sensitive it needs to protect  moisture and avoid irritation. One main ingredient which companies these days are adding to wipes is aloe vera extract which keeps the skin comfortable and smooth. It also soothes the diaper rashes, provides the required moisture and controls any kind of inflammation


2. Comes in all sizes                                                                                                    

Baby wipes these days come in all sorts of different sizes , you can choose from a variety of shapes and sizes whatever fits in your needs. Some prefer smaller size for a more efficient and precise cleaning, others may opt for a larger size which keeps their hands away from mess , not just large and small they come in medium size as well.


3. They make diaper changing hassle free                     

With the average house of a newly born toddler it takes approximately 4000 diaper changes a year which is a staggering number. So, the baby wipes come handy making diaper change easy , fast and enjoyable and comfortable enough for the baby as well. This means  babies do not need to be bathed during every diaper change, reducing the likelihood of getting diaper rash and keeping babies smelling great all day. Baby wipes make this a quick process, meaning parents do not have to spend a long time keeping their babies clean and babies do not become distressed or upset during diaper changes.


4. They can be scented                                                                                                

Some parents prefer scented wipes while others don’t. The specific reason behind the purchase is scented wipes are more enjoyable, they create a pleasant surrounding and blocks out all the foul smell that spreads during diaper change, while some don’t prefer scented, the reason being if the baby is more prone to rashes and allergies it would  be  best to use unscented wipes.               


5. Made from different fabrics

Baby wipes these days are Alcohol free refreshing wipes for babies  made from a variety  of materials such as polypropylene and polyester. They are also made from silk, cotton and wool and similar fabrics, However the industry is occupied mainly by polyester as it is cheaper to produce and is more durable than cotton with very similar visual profile.


6. Easily disposable/flushable

wipes which are flushable are available these days in the market. They are very useful as they get dissolved very quickly and easily which means they are easy to dispose and get rid of after use. Many people find this easier and hygienic, however it should be noted that not all wipes are flushable. Read the packaging whether it states if it’s flushable or not.


7. Biodegradable wipes 

Newborn baby wipes  are not as popular as the generic wipes  however they are better for the environment and do not cause lasting damage when put in the waste, thus having a minimal carbon footprint. It is totally up to the parents of the child  to choose what matters most to them sustainability or convenience.


8. They are gentle on the skin                                                                                                   

sensitive baby skin wipes are specifically designed by keeping in mind to have as minimal additives and chemicals as possible, which may cause rashes on the baby’s skin, making diaper change as convenient as possible. Sensitive baby skin refreshing wipes  being soft can also be used in sore skin, keeping baby clean even during rasher.


9. One of the best selling product globally                                                                                    

Baby wipes are one of the best selling  products  globally as they are heavily marketed and advertised on a massive scale. Disposable refreshing wipes for travel despite being a generic product  has a huge market. The widespread advertising means that people are familiar with them, as well as the different types of baby wipes used, making them  very  likely to be purchased. Since the diaper change is a little over 10 times a day for a baby, the brands are able to build repeat customers as well. Disposable baby wipes are also available online while eventually increases the market size as we all know e-commerce is on boom.


10. Other productive uses of wipes

New born babies refreshing wipes  are not only used for diaper change they have other very beneficial purposes as well such as they are great at absorbing moisture, a general cleaning cloth for babies as well they can be used to clean toys after the baby is done playing with it. Cleansing baby wipes look soft and fragile, yet they are designed very strong and can be used to clean dry food stains as well which is common in a toddler household.




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